Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Some Graphics from 1975

I love the fist - like the black power salute. This reminds me of Saul Bass.

These are examples of the 1970s retro art deco thing, brought about by films like Chinatown, The Sting, and the Great Gatsby. At the time they probably seemed retro but today they look far more like products of the 70s than products of the 20s.

Some trashy B-movie posters. 1975 was the height of the grindhouse/blaxploitation era.

The 1970s were a really interesting time for movie posters - inspired by Saul Bass and Paul Rand. I love the simple pen drawing of Al Pacino - something like that would never appear on a modern poster.

This is a modern design for a film that came out in 1975. I love the graininess of the image - 70s films were always shot on super-grainy film stock.

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